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Class Dismissed

Ep. 08 | Shameless Plugs And Alcohol with 2Ys & Chrissi Kii.

We finished a whole bottle of Jameson. Jupiter is in Scorpio, the Lemon emoji belongs to Beyoncé and all the Afrochella tea is revealed.

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Ep. 07 | Live From The Crusade

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.

Irene and Joseph join us in this episode. Be sure to listen intently to catch all the shade disguised as questions. Also Kofi’s shade is Fenty Beauty 430. Joseph tried it.

GoFundMe - Koffi Needs A New iPhone.

Ep. 06 | **Accra We Dey**

Denzel gets a big surprise. We have Pokua & Joey Chase from Accra We Dey. There was so much to discuss; fights, music and being an influencer in Accra, but an hour and seven minutes was all we could record.

Ep. 05 | Don't Compare Yourself To Vogue

Getting you caught up on all the activities, more nonsense from Glitz, Denzel doesn't know words and Koffi falls for an unnecessarily "woke" tweet.

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Ep. 04 | A Fuck You FEST

We decided to take a chunk of this episode to say a hearty FUCK YOU to people who don't respect young creatives and then got into some pop culture mess.

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