Ganja Burn (ft J. Jermaine & Official Kwame)

Due to hive mentality this could possibly be the shadiest episode yet but we said what we said and we meant it. xoxo Koffi, Jermaine, Official Kwame and Denzel.

Intro/Outro - Popping by Kuvie ft Ödartei, Odunsi & Darkovibes

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Lookin' Ass Niggas ft. Jason Jermaine

For this episode, Koffi is joined by friends and colleague, Jason Jermaine, to dish on Denzel’s birthday week, “stop lookin’ at my ass ass naggas” in the club and Jermaine breaks down his fellow Gemini, Kanye West’s, way of thinking because Koffi was baffled.


Intro/Outro: Anthem - Kwesi Arthur

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Sugar Babies 101 (ft. Official Kwame)

Another week, another fun guest!

Official Kwame joins Koffi and Denzel to discuss Beyoncé (and her husband)'s album, sugar baby scandals and where they go wrong, Shatta Wale's penile incident on Snapchat and the passing of XXXTentacion (We still don't know how to pronounce his name).


Intro/Outro - Fluid by Amaarea

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The Ghetto (ft. Frank Selasie)

We were joined impromptu by Frank Selasie to discuss Ghana meets Nigeria, OTR II, unlearning misogynistic societal conditioning and NDAs. Koffi and Denzel then get into the mess of Metro TV shutting down and corruption in Ghana, big surprise there. Ugh the ghetto of this week.

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Wasted Drunk Whore

This week we discuss Koffi's first blackout. Koffi and Denzel discuss what has been happening in pop culture including Drake vrs Pusha "Tea", Vic Mensa's banging new body, Azealia Banks' hateful ass and a whole lot of mess from people who are too rich to be having so much drama.

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Pet Peeves

A Bonus Episode

What better way to get to know the hosts, Koffi and Denzel, than listening to them rant about things that drive them crazy. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe and share with your friends.

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Lagos Homecoming and Deflated Lips

Tiffany won't stop talking about Beyoncé while Naomi Campbell is slaying in Lagos. A lot more tea and great music in the play or pass section.

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Dezemba Forever

We're baccckkk for season 2 finally we know you missed us. Denzel is back with Official Kwame giving you the official Dezemba Report because Dezemba Forever and we miss it.

We go through all the hottest events and all the tea. We also get into Snapchat's whack ass update, Kylie's new bundle of joy, Wakanda and many more. Long episode because we miss you guys x.

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Class Dismissed

Loads of laughs, shots fired and a little banter as hosts from your favourite GCR podcasts come together to share their thoughts and experiences on what has been a great year at GCR.

We also look ahead to season two and talk about our plans in the off season.

Ep. 08 | Shameless Plugs And Alcohol with 2Ys & Chrissi Kii.

We finished a whole bottle of Jameson. Jupiter is in Scorpio, the Lemon emoji belongs to Beyoncé and all the Afrochella tea is revealed.

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